About Bombay Growers & Agro

At Bombay Growers & Agro (BG&A) we focus on nutrition, health, taste and above all hygiene we also see that our products are highly nutritious products. Our products are of high quality and we see to it that the buyer gets all the nutrients directly from the farm to their plates. At BG&A we are concerned about the well being and health of our customers.

We manufacture 100% BIODEGRADEBALE products made from starch, vegetable oils and waste vegetables (example: carry bags, shopping bags, laundry bags, garbage bags, wrapping sheets etc) and these are the only alternative to conventional plastic which is harmful for humans as well as animals and marine life and on the whole it harms our Earth and this is why BG&A products are used in India as well all over the world.

BG&A is not just a brand we are…… Feeding Lives


  • Positive business results in a competitive environment.

  • Being consistent in product development through intensive R & D.

  • Eco solutions for all aspects of life thus making the earth greener and increasing the life expectancy though a healthy environment.

  • Achieving goals though fairness, honesty and corporate responsibility.


  • To continually create value and bring pride to our Investors, partners, customers stakeholders and the community across all the countries.

  • Offer our best services keeping in mind the highest quality to our direct as well as in-direct customers and partners.

  • To be a global leader in environmental biotechnology and recyclables.



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